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Our Kubota 1.7 tonne zero-tail swing is compact and gives you the performance and efficiency you need in tight spaces. No matter how far you turn, the tail always remains within the width of the tracks, making it ideal for jobs in tight areas.


With a powerful bucket breakout force of 1550KG and its well balanced design, the U17-3 is made to dig faster and harder in the most congested conditions. 

The tracks can be expanded up to 1.2m to offer more stability or retracted to 990mm to fit through narrow pathways.

Other features include:

  • High-back suspension 

  • 2-speed travel switch

  • Two-pattern selection system (from ISO to SAE)

Our excavator comes with up to 3 buckets at no additional charge. Bucket sizes are 300mm, 450mm and 900mm mud bucket. Hydraulic heads with augers can be attached at extra costs. 

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